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  • 18 In 1 Faucet
  • 18 In 1 Faucet
  • 18 In 1 Faucet
  • 18 In 1 Faucet
  • 18 In 1 Faucet

18 In 1 Faucet

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18 In 1 Faucet And Sink Installer Tool Zinc Aluminum Alloy Flume Magic Wrench Sink Faucet Plumbing Tools Wrench Tool


1. Faucet installer is suitable for supply nuts, shut-off valves, strainer baskets, supply line nut, faucet nuts. The open slot allows for easy access to existing supply lines, such as faucets, sink, water heater pipes, water basins, and so on.

2. Extra-long design makes it easier to turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers, and ball cocks. Just snap the position and rotate quickly, then replace the nut installed from the faucet.

3. This multipurpose wrench tool is indispensable in replacing an ordinary wrench in virtually every situation as it fit into that tight area with ease. And the faucet wrench allows easy access over existing supply lines so that you will work sitting down outside of the cabinet


Material: Zinc aluminum alloy

Color: Red

Size: 235x57mm

Package Includes:

1 x Zezzo 18 in 1 faucet and sink installer tool

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