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Electric Foot Grinder

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Pedid Vac Electronic Rechargeable Remover Foot Files Cleaning Tools Foot Care

The pedid vacuum removes calluses and sucks up mess. Ergonomic design, it has 2 speeds along with an emery pad and a damping pad. This rechargeable device allows you to remove unsightly calluses anywhere and anytime and keep your area clean.
Pedid Vac removes calluses and sucks up mess, other foot files leave huge mess behind. Pedi Vac is the only motorized callus remover with unique derma-vac technology that sucks up dead skin shavings while you use it.
With a lot of pedicures. But, those salon visits are expensive to maintain. With order Vac, you will no longer have to suffer from dry and cracked heels between visits. Now you can have pedicure-worthy feet whenever you want.
The rechargeable battery lets you use Vac anywhere. Take it in the car so sandal feet are ready at the beach or in the office to touch up cracked heels between meetings.
The high powered micro-abrasion head makes Pedi Vac the best foot scrub. The head rotates at over 2000 rpm to remove calluses and polish the skin.
A regular foot file scratches and damages the skin, causing pain and discomfort. Pedid Vac removes uncomfortable calluses and softens cracked heels without damaging the feet.


No Worry About Clutter
Pedicure-Free, Salon-Free
Feet Sensual Soft Feet Anywhere
High Power But Smooth
Beautiful Damage-Free Skin

Color: White
Motorized callus remover that easily removes calluses and sucks up mess
2 speeds
Ergonomic design
2000 rpm
Material: Plastic metal
Measures 3 "L x 6" W x 9 "H"

Gold Mini Furnace Graphite Crucible the metal melting torch:
1 * foot files pedicure tools


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