• EnjiPro® Metal Engraver
  • EnjiPro® Metal Engraver
  • EnjiPro® Metal Engraver
  • EnjiPro® Metal Engraver
  • EnjiPro® Metal Engraver
  • EnjiPro® Metal Engraver
  • EnjiPro® Metal Engraver

EnjiPro® Metal Engraver

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This is EnjiPro® previous products, and we have enough credibility.

EnjiPro® is the compact laser cutting and engraving machine designed for the whole family! It’s compact enough to take wherever life takes you – unlike traditional bulky laser machines. This handheld and all-metal laser engraving powerhouse boasts dual built-in light sources, promising pro-grade engraving that’s easy enough for anyone to use.


Both the 455nm and 1064nm blue light sources leverage cutting-edge light compression technology to engrave non-metallic materials with professional precision. Any material, anywhere! Take EnjiPro® with you and flaunt your advanced laser cutting skills thanks to two built-in light sources.


Engrave. Cut. Mark metal. EnjiPro® does it all with one, compact machine! And unlike traditional engraving machines, EnjiPro® works on more materials than ever before. From hard surfaces like metal and wood to soft materials like paper, EnjiPro® isn’t bias. He’ll deliver the same engraving, cutting, and marking precision, no matter what canvas you present him with. He’s even got experience with cutting designs of up to 5mm in thickness wood and cardboard! He also loves

EnjiPro® is both a engraving machine and a metal marking machine and a cutting machine, compared to the engraving machine, it can be compatible with engraving more materials such as metal, compared to the marking machine, it can engrave soft materials such as paper, and can also cut 5MM thickness of wood or cardboard.

  • 455nm laser: wood, bamboo, acrylic, leather, paper, cloth, wool, corrugated paper, food, fruit, plastic, bone, glass, shale/brick/cement, ceramics
  • 1064nm laser: specially engraved metal, gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminium and other common metals can be engraved.

EnjiPro® is one of the only laser engravers of its kind that can carve your vision with a speed of up to 600mm per second. The engraving accuracy reaches 0.05MM.

Only EnjiPro® lets you see exactly what the final picture will look like, before it exists! A high-speed shock mirror scanner lets you preview the engraved design in advance, so you can make adjustments to the position and pattern to ensure perfection before the laser gets going!

  • Handheld Engraving Anytime, Anywhere

EnjiPro® is an engraving machine and a marking machine all in one. In fact, it’s the first mini marking machine of its kind that offers a handheld design. To activate the handheld mode, simply twist the screw in to separate the automatic lifting frame from the host. Now, you’re officially holding a portable marking machine that lets you work on any horizontal surface!

Professional Batch Engraving 

The EnjiPro® is equipped with a professional engraving table, which can be quickly positioned, efficiently marking and engraving, and the engraving area is 7cm*7cm

  • 4th Axis Engraving 

Want to engrave a name on a small pencil? Wine cork? From tiny cylindrical objects to large wine bottles, EnjiPro® features a MINI roller that offers miniature-sized precision every time.

  • Free Carving 



Equipped with a 5W semi-conductor laser and built-in compression spot technology, EnjiPro® can cut up to 5mm into cardboard or wood.

Make sure your vision never gets blurred in translation! With EnjiPro® advanced, one-touch auto-focus technology, you’ll never have to worry about tedious manual operation again. Make sure your picture, symbol, logo, or text is engraved with crystal-clear clarity. 

You don’t need years of experience in laser engraving to produce your own beautiful creations with EnjiPro®. We’ve designed every part of it with ease-of-usability in mind. Less fiddling and struggling means less operational wear and tear, giving you an investment that will last for years to come!


EnjiPro® is small in size considering his power (310mm x 200mm x 350mm), and it’s just as easy to assemble as it is to disassemble again. Pack it up and take it with you anywhere. The laser engraving fun never has to end!

This is never a concern with EnjiPro®! It’s compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS. From your desktop computer to your tablet, and even your smartphone, EnjiPro® supports a wide range of common image formats, including:

 EnjiPro® rangefinder offers guaranteed sensor protection to safeguard your device and product when the engraving is done. EnjiPro® has been engineered to automatically detect and halt the laser output when your project is complete.

 What’s more, a matching magnetic acrylic folding protective plate protects your eyes while you work.

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